A list of
different type of hotel

7 Star Hotel

7 Star Hotel is an exclusive accomodation which included a lot of facilities, like gym room, jaccuzi in the room, room service and so on. Others, you can also see the night view from your room. The price of course will be higher as you can enjoy everything in your room, but others have to go to the places to enjoy the night view.

  • High prices
  • Good facilities
  • Good location
  • Best service

5 Star Hotel

5 Star Hotel is also a good accomodation, usually when you follow a tour, they will arrange traveler to stay in a 5 star hotel. It will include breakfast, swimming pool. Of course, the service will not be the same as 7 star hotel. The price will be a bit lower, but also depend on which country. The location can be at city and also at a very small town, so all depend on the places that you want to go and choose a right hotel.

  • Above average prices
  • Good facilities
  • Location depends
  • Good service

3 Star Hotel

3 Star Hotel also known as common hotel as quite a lot of people will look for it when they travel. The reason is because it is cheaper, they look for the hotel, as long as the hotel is clean, and they get to rest and shower then they will go for it. They don't need the extra facilities, they might save the hotel expense and spend it at another way. Thus, 3 star hotel always easier to be rent out as a lot people can afford for it, of course the view will not be as nice as 7 star hotel.

  • Average prices
  • Normal facilities
  • Location depend
  • Normal service

Guest House

Guest House usually for backpacker, they just want to have a place to sleep, and shower that's it. So, they won't rent an expensive hotel just to sleep. They travel is to explore new things and go for adventurous trip.

  • Lower price
  • Location is further from town
  • Normal service
  • Not much facilities


Some people may consider accomodation for their first priority, so they will go for a better hotel. But for us, Zoompondy, we usually consider a cheaper hotel, but convenient then we will pick it. Eventhough the hotel has a lot of facilities, you also cannot enjoy all of it, unless you stay at hotel and not going out. Choosing accomodation is a simple step, don't need to think for a long time, just choose the one which bring convenient to you.

March 30, 2021

Korea, Oppa!!

South Korea has actually come to be rather of a rising star in the tourism scene over the last few years owing partly to the expansion of Korean TELEVISION programs and popular song. The urban communities of Seoul and furthermore Busan undeniably pull in people who like seeing very just as cute things and it’s presumably to be expected that the guest socioeconomics here dis-relatively lean toward ladies. On the off chance that you are thinking about visiting South Korea just as couldn’t imagine anything better than to have a functional itinerary to cover both Seoul and Busan, allocate at least 5 or 6 days. On the off chance that you are likewise going to Jeju, you’ll need to add 2 or 3 significantly more. The two significant urban communities of Seoul and Busan are the most natural regions to find all through an excursion to South Korea- – Seoul for its cosmopolitan climate just as customary society and furthermore Busan for its shoreline smart. This making a trip outline plans to show you exactly how these urban communities can be acted in seven days. On the off chance that this is your first time in Seoul, start the day with an outing of the regal homes. Seoul has 5 castles yet the ones really worth finding are Changdeokgung, Gyeongbokgung and Deoksugong. A prescribed way to take is one that begins at Gyeongbokgung. If you go to putting on a hanbok (Korea’s typical costume– you can take a look at right here for hanbok rentals), the admission charge is waived. While below, see to it to go to the far back where the structure lies. A few guests miss it due to the distance yet it is certainly justified regardless of a photograph quit particularly during harvest time when the encompassing foliage turn brilliant red and yellow. From here, you can make an exit along the edge door just as walk 10 minutes to get to Bukchon Hanok Village. Before, almost the total of Seoul was made out of these standard single-story lodging. These days, you can simply find them in little pockets with the essential area being here. It’s an extraordinary spot for a walk particularly on the off chance that you come underneath with a leased hanbok with the bygone structures going about as ideal sceneries for selfies. One of the amazingly suggested regions for lunch nearby is the Michelin-featured Keunkiwajip (62 Bukchon-ro 5 Gil, Open day by day 11AM to 3:30 PM, 5PM to 10PM) for its marinaded crude crab. This location is typically extremely active and also my recommendation is ahead below very early otherwise it might take you around thirty minutes to get a table. After lunch, head to Changdeokgung, the greatest of Seoul’s 5 imperial homes. The underscore beneath is the brilliant mystery yard- – another well known pre-winter watching place. Moreover, you can similarly look at Deoksugung which is close to Seoul’s municipal center. See to it to drop by Jeongdong Observatory (cost-free, 9AM to 9PM throughout weekdays, until 6PM throughout weekends) for a great bird’s eye sight of the city– with both conventional and also modern structures complimenting that sight. Dedicate the evenings for shopping. A number of Seoul’s purchasing areas are open reasonably late specifically during weekend breaks. Popular evening haunts consist of Myeongdong with its series of road fashion and also toiletries, Hongdae with its youth-oriented apparel brands in addition to Dongdaemun for wholesale/bazaar-type clothing shops that open up till means past midnight. On the off chance that you do settle on a choice to visit Dongdaemun, a stop directly by the Dongdaemun Style Plaza (open day by day other than Mondays, 10AM to 7PM, until 9PM on Fridays just as Saturdays) is an absolute necessity. Trips of the inner parts are provided yet the area is similarly as worth visiting for its authorizing steel outside. It is particularly climatic at night when the construction is floodlit and furthermore the yard territories adjoining it have these computerized blooms that are likewise enlightened.
March 27, 2021

Beijing, what you know about?

One of the main things on my rundown for Beijing after the food was to go to see the pandas at the Beijing Zoo. As I actually couldn’t get admittance to the wifi I expected to ask at the front workdesk precisely how to arrive at the zoo. They gave me a guide and furthermore the name of the train terminal-Dong Wu Yuan Station just as thinking about that I had the Beijing train application I was good to go to investigate for the afternoon. both the zoo just as the panda fenced in area yet that wasn’t genuine. I expanded to the principal counter and asserted pandas just as he pointed me over to another counter. I took a gander at there and guaranteed pandas just again just as they charged me 20 Yuan to get in. I mored than content with that as I was advised it was 40 Yuan. Presently I need to state it wasn’t the best idea to go to the zoo on a Saturday yet I accepted I was succeeding arriving at 9am. I was shocked by the groups however I had quite recently been in Beijing for under 24-hour and furthermore not familiar with all individuals wherever consistently. More than 6 million people see this zoo consistently and I was the solitary westerner I saw while I existed. The panda house is somewhat close to the passageway of the zoo so I showed my ticket and got in. Within mins I was inside the panda home looking at my very first panda chilling in his unit. I spent about a hr observing the very first panda as I didn’t understand there were even more and also I had a pretty good area to take some pictures. I after that understood there was a whole lot more to the panda residence and concerning 8-12 pandas there in total amount. I went outside to see the pandas playing there. This was without a doubt the best means to observe them and also I got some really terrific shots there. Then I mosted likely to the last location which was a bit of a cross in between interior and exterior. This was an actually great unit but by now all of the pandas had already consumed as well as played as well as were simply chilling as well as resting. As I had been in the panda home for two hrs I picked that was an adequate measure of time and chose to leave. You can really advise how much busier the zoo had really acquired so I cheered to leave. As I expressed in my arriving in China post, I struggled connecting to the Internet and furthermore getting my VPN to work. While I was out for the early morning I halted at a bistro and furthermore appended to the wifi and realized I was somewhat close to the Summer season Palace in Beijing. I figured I had concerning 6 hrs up until my dinner plans so why not go.1998, UNESCO comprised of the Summer Palace on its World Heritage Listing. It expressed the Summer Palace “a show-stopper of Chinese scene garden plan. The all-regular scene of slopes just as untamed water is joined with fake credits like designs, corridors, regal homes, sacred places just as extensions to build up a brought together arrangement of exceptional visual worth”. I put several hours here meandering around. I actually believed I would certainly have the ability to locate a peaceful place to sit down and also individuals see but with 50,000 people walking around also in a location this large that wasn’t truly possible for me. I can not imagine coming throughout the high period. The 20 CYN entryway fee is really affordable for such a large area and so much to discover. I was googling Chinese food preparation courses in Beijing when I stumbled upon Black sesame Kitchen area. Actually not a cooking foundation but rather to a greater degree a cooking experience in a Hutong where the host advises you concerning the dishes just as you reach devour them. I knew I wished to find out about the art of Chinese food preparation as well as this experience did not let down– it is a reward that its also the number 2 dining establishment in Beijing out of 9,000+ dining establishments!!! When the taxi driver drops me off before the resort I understood from the directions that the dining establishment is down a street means so I began to head this way but there was an ‘disagreement’ happening outside. I wasn’t also worried as it stopped rather rapidly but it really did not make me wish to walk down the dark street in a hurry. After five mins I lastly located the location as well as there were a couple of other individuals there. We had a wonderful team of people, numerous that were simply taking a trip to China and others that were expats and also had been numerous times, and our wonderful host Coco Yue that always kept our a glass of wine glasses covered up.
March 24, 2021


This is the most prominent vacationer destination in Cambodia– it is likewise a UNESCO World Heritage Website. Angkor Wat, furthermore alluded to as the “City of Foreheads” lies in Angkor, in the region of Siem Reap. This sanctuary complex highlights the greatest assortment of profound stone monuments around the world. The site decides more than 162 hectares and furthermore was at first worked as a Hindu sacred spot for Vishnu by the Khmer domain. However before the finish of the twelfth century, it was become a Buddhist sanctuary. The Angkor Wat heavenly spot muddled is likewise contemplated as the most flawless illustration of the Khmer compositional plan. This old Hindu heavenly spot, similar to the Angkor Wat, was built during the Khmer Realm in Cambodia. It is situated on the Dangrek Hills in the Preah Vihear territory of Cambodia. For quite a while, there was a contention among Thailand and Cambodia with respect to who had the sacred spots. The International Court of Justice settled on a choice that the sacred spot was positively important for Cambodia. The sanctuary worked as an indispensable erection of the Khmer otherworldly life. Sanctuary Zone of Sambor Prei Kuk, Archeological Site of Ancient Ishanapura (2017 ) Cambodia’s most up to date UNESCO site is a social and archeological site in the Holy spot Zone of Sambor Prei Kuk. It is situated in the area of Kompung Thom just as in regards to 176 kilometers from Angkor. This sanctuary confounded is presently in a wrecked state however it was previously the core of the Pre-Angkorian Chenla Kingdom. It functioned as the funding as well as central imperial sanctuary for the kingdom throughout the late sixth to the 9th century. The frameworks that compose this complex were built at different amount of time. They mostly made use of brick for building and construction although sandstone was also built on particular frameworks. These sanctuary office structures furthermore had different ascribes like octagonal pinnacles, prasats, lakes, supplies, lion models, and furthermore much more.
March 22, 2021

France, Have You Went Before?

What enters your mind when you consider France– the Eiffel tower, love, as well as fashion? Or maybe you summon pictures of the beautiful French countryside. France has an abundant heritage that has actually influenced people throughout the globe. It has actually been considered a “facility of high culture” for generations. In the event that you have French progenitors or family members, getting some answers concerning French legacy can open ways to appreciating yourself. Your precursors’ convictions, custom-mades, and in any event, cooking plans have presumably affected your relatives over the ages. Recognizing and furthermore praising those associations can fortify your family starting points and backing a sensation of self. Find extra in regards to the French effects in your day to day existence to help you associate with your French legacy. From cultural traditions as well as worths to day-to-day live, you can learn a great deal concerning the lives your forefathers led and also the effect they have had on you. Discover Your French Forefathers. Between French colonization around the world and also mass emigration brought on by the Reign of terror, many individuals can claim French ancestry. As a matter of fact, a projected 30– 40 million individuals have French heritage. Canada, the United States, Argentina, Great Britain, Switzerland, Brazil, just as Belgium all have various people with French legacy. Considerably more nations have many thousands. Could you be important for the French diaspora also? FamilySearch can assist with your inquiry. Free assets, like a worldwide hereditary tree and furthermore authentic archives, can help you discover your family. Find where your relatives is from or what occupations they held. You can even peruse or share family unit stories just as pictures to save recollections of their lives. Get familiar with Life in France. Has your relatives continued French food readiness rehearses? Do French values reverberate with you? French culture, practices, and also background have likely played a crucial function fit your household. Acquainting on your own with aspects of French life can aid you understand as well as commemorate your cultural heritage.French Impacts in Everyday Life. Even if you do not have French forefathers, French culture has actually possibly affected you in refined ways. French art, fashion, food preparation, and extra play a crucial role in worldwide culture. Discover more about the detailed ways that French heritage has actually influenced you and also your life.
March 19, 2021

Germany, Some Places You Might Don’t Know

Germany is a modern-day, innovative culture, formed by a plurality of way of livings as well as local identities. German culture began well before the increment of Germany as a country state and traversed the entire German-talking world. Truly Germany has been called Das Land der Dichter und Denker (the country of writers and furthermore masterminds) In Germany there are various perspectives dating thinking about that for life that are definite as the country’s social legacy all the while the Germany’s essential traveler objections. Germany’s regular legacy is a genuine prize to the nation just as the living verification of this present country’s durable history of individual. Legacy is our inheritance from an earlier time, what we manage today, just as what we give to people in the future. Our social and furthermore common legacies are both an indispensable wellspring of life and furthermore motivation. Legacy the travel industry alludes to as “going on an outing to encounter the spots, antiquities and exercises that genuinely address the stories and individuals of the past,” so legacy the travel industry can incorporate social, noteworthy and furthermore characteristic stores. Globe Heritage sights come from all the people of the globe, regardless of the territory on which they lie. According to UNESCO every country must be constantly motivated to guarantee as well as maintain its all-natural as well as cultural heritage. In the steadily developing decisions of the World’s Cultural Heritage, under the UNESCO’s wing, Germany has various public structures gave, private properties now that have a place with the whole world other than Germany. Obviously that this checklist is not implied to be guaranteed considering that a substantial variety of views in this country meet the particular requirements to becoming the successor. 981 properties are presently scratched on the World Heritage Listing with 759 social, 193 characteristic and 29 mixed private properties in 160 Countries. 38 of these structures you find in Germany. Aachen Basilica (1978 ) Speyer Basilica (1981 ) Würzburg Home with the Court Gardens and furthermore Residence Square (1981 ) Outing Church of Wies (1983 ) Mansions of Augustusburg and furthermore Falkenlust at Brühl (1984 ) St Mary’s Sanctuary just as St Michael’s Church at Hildesheim (1985 ) Roman Monuments, Basilica of St Peter just as Church of Our Woman in Trier (1986 ) Outskirts of the Roman Realm (1987 ) Hanseatic City of Lübeck (1987 ) Royal residences just as Parks of Potsdam and Berlin (1990 ) Nunnery just as Altenmünster of Lorsch (1991 ) Mines of Rammelsberg, Historic Community of Goslar just as Upper Harz Water Administration System (1992 ) Maulbronn Abbey Complicated (1993 ) Local area of Bamberg (1993 ) Völklingen Ironworks (1994 ) University Church, Castle just as Old Town of Quedlinburg (1994 ) Cologne Basilica (1996 ) Bauhaus and furthermore its Sites in Weimar just as Dessau (1996 ) Luther Memorials in Eisleben and Wittenberg (1996 ) Immortal Weimar (1998 ) Museumsinsel (Gallery Island), Berlin (1999 ) Wartburg Castle (1999 ) Yard Kingdom of Dessau-Wörlitz (2000 ) Ascetic Island of Reichenau (2000 ) Zollverein Coal Mine Industrial Facility in Essen (2001 ) Memorable Centers of Stralsund and Wismar (2002 ) Upper Center Rhine Valley (2002 ) Muskauer Park/Park Mużakowski (2004 ) Municipal center and furthermore Roland on the Market of Bremen (2004 ) Old town of Regensburg with Stadtamhof (2006 ) Berlin Modernism Real Estate Estates (2008 ) Fagus Factory in Alfeld (2011 ) Old Heap abodes around the Alps (2011 ) Margravial Opera House Bayreuth (2012 ) Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe (2013 ).
March 17, 2021

Switzerland heritage places

Switzerland flaunts a noteworthy 11 UNESCO Globe Heritage locales. Three of them are all-characteristic marvels, like the Alps, while 8 are territories of social importance. You can visit these whenever, and furthermore we recommend you do. In any case, in case you’re attempting to locate a novel factor, this June sees the principal release of UNESCO World Heritage Days in Switzerland. For one end of the week, the country’s UNESCO sites open up their entryways – regardless of whether genuine or emblematic – to the general population with a tons of events, a great deal of which are free to join in. While the significant display is being held in Bern, the entirety of Switzerland’s 11 UNESCO locales will surely have different assignments, events and furthermore festivities throughout the end of the week break 11-12 June. The 11 Swiss UNESCO websites and also highlights of their Globe Heritage days occasions are as complies with: Bern Old Town The World Heritage Days activity centres on the Swiss resources city of Bern, where the whole middle ages Old Town is a UNESCO website. Over the weekend break, there will certainly be led scenic tours, talks, a totally free exhibition as well as “open doors” to many buildings not generally available to the general public. Rhaetian Railway in the Albula/Bernina Landscapes Find new just as noteworthy trains at various terminals or install to the RhB Globe Heritage breakfast including nearby items at the foot of the Landwasser viaduct. Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch Take the train from Interlaken to Europe’s most noteworthy elevation train station, Jungfraujoch, at the pinnacle of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, for half of the basic cost. Castles of Bellinzona Enjoy 2 days of totally free guided scenic tours and an unique youngsters’s program around the sensational Castles of Bellinzona. Benedictine Convent of St John at Müstair Individuals will be allowed directly into shut territories of the nunnery church to see 2 wall paintings that are not commonly ready to be seen by general society. The religious community will likewise be performing chapel gatherings, talks, guided grand visits just as a rancher’s market. La Chaux-de-Fonds/Le Locle The UNESCO-recorded watchmaking towns of La Chaux-de-Fonds and Le Locle in Neuchâtel Canton will have without cost engineering picturesque visits. The scenic tours will certainly discuss why the buildings of each community tell the story of just how watchmaking evolved from a craft right into a sector– and also demonstrate how this task was integrated right into the development of the urban landscape. Lavaux Vineyards Check out the old winemaking community of Saint-Saphorin, where residents will certainly be tossing open their doors to the general public for an unusual, behind-the-scenes insight into the life of the town. There will certainly additionally be per hour UNESCO directed excursions of the wineries. Monte San Giorgio The precipitous field of Monte San Giorgio was broadcasted an UNESCO World Heritage site in 2003 because of the astonishing crowd of marine fossils uncovered here. Going back 240 million years, the fossils shaped when the territory was a marine shallows in sub-heat and humidities toward the finish of the Triassic period. For the Globe Heritage Days, you can visit the Monte San Giorgio Fossil Gallery in Meride (ordinary access cost) and furthermore appreciate some online arranged exhibitions. Primitive Stack Homes around the Alps This UNESCO location contains 111 sites in six nations around the Alps where the structures of human houses plus family things such as pottery dating from 5,000-500BC have been maintained by being immersed in water. At the Swiss destinations on the World Heritage Days there will unquestionably be intelligent tracks and exhibitions about existence in the Rock Age just as Neolithic periods. Swiss Tectonic Sector SardonaIn this field, you can see plainly exactly how hills are formed over countless years due to the movement of Tectonic plates. Sardona was stated a Globe Heritage residential or commercial property in 2008. The Globe Heritage Days will positively incorporate talks, a drove grand visit and furthermore picture show in Chur and a world-record endeavor at ‘Steinmandli-Türmen’- – building. Monastery of St Gall/St. Gallen St Gallen’s sanctuary and also abbey district, including its sensational Rococo library loaded with invaluable books as well as medieval manuscripts, was stated a UNESCO Cultural Heritage site in 1983. Take a specific tour of the abbey district to find more concerning this distinctly maintained location.