We Are Traveler Who Loves To Travel All Around The World, We share the best experience. We hope that everyone could travel and explore the world one day. Travel is addictive when you tried once, this addiction is healthy, don't mind to get this addiction. Let's fly together!

Our goal is
to share our travel experience to others

Travel is a kind of activity to gain our knowledge and also relax ourselves. Others than that, it can also help us to know more friends from all around the world. It can help us to increase our network

So, help we are going to share some of our experiences when we travelling to each country. It will include our itinerary, food, accomodation, places must visit. For those people who planning to go, can refer the itinerary that I provide


The blog will be separated into different country, so you guys can refer follow the country that you like to go.

We would also like to listen some experience from you guys. We hope that our experience would bring happiness to you guys when you all are travelling.


Great experience

We will share all the great experience to you guys as we wish the best places, delicious foods must be explored by more people. And, we also ensure the travelers will have the same experience as us.


A list of
important and neccessary information

Some people might think that it's very easy to travel oversea. But bear in mind, there's some places require visa, so please get prepare all the document and submit it before you fly. Make sure you get the permission before the date you fly.



What to prepare?

Most important, bring your passport, visa if required, currency, visa card, clothes and some daily needed things.

How to go

Most of the countries residents are kind, so if when you are lost in middle of no where, just ask them how to go. If not just take a map when you touched down at airport. So, you can use the map to go to the places you wanted to go. Bear in mind that please take your accomodation name card so you can ask taxi to bring you back.



Where to go?

This is the most common question as a lot of tourist first time travel to certain country. So, you guys can follow our itinerary so you won't get lost and you will definitely love the places.

Required documents

Some required documents are your passport of course, then also your boarding pass please keep it with you as well. Others, is your visa card, pocket money.