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We are Zoompondy

We are travel lovers
and bloggers

Our goal is
to make our life full of wonderful moments


Best places to visit Travel must visit some of the best places that can take photos as a memory. So, the places that we introduce are recommended one. Follow us and you will get a series of nice photos.

Best places for each country are a lot, a short trip might be cannot visit all of them, so can go to visit the most recommended one.

For example, Disneyland are located at few countries such as Hong Kong, Japan, Shanghai, Paris, USA. So, for tourists who wanted to go Disneyland might put Disneyland as their priority. It all depend on the tourists which is their priority. Some people want to visit some old school building, so they have to choose all the musuem.


Our goal is
to make our life wonderful


Our goal is
to bring out the best memory in our life

We always remind ourselves that travel can bring a lot of memory in our life. Although it might be very tired to plan the trip, but it will be very meaningful when you travelling.