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Japanese food

Sushi is quite a common food all around the world. When you guys travel to Japan, it is a must to try the original sushi at the origin country. Japanese usually have it during their lunch or dinner. Sushi of course you can enjoy at your own country, but when you visit the origin country, have to try out their local food, like ramen as well.

Hong Kong Breakfast

What to eat at hong kong for breakfast? You can missed out the "Bo Lo Bao", Dim Sum as well. Dimsum is the most favourite breakfast at Hong Kong. And, of course, if you don't want to have so heavy breakfast, you can grab it for your lunch or brunch. You can go for some "Char Siew Bao", "Dai Bao" and "Teh" hot for your breakfast. This is their traditional breakfast. And of course, you have to try out their "Wan Tan Noodles", it is super nice!

Korean Food

When we say about korean food, first come to our mind is korean bbq, korean fried chicken. Yes, definitely yes! Korean bbq is a must to try when you travel to korea. And also korean fried chicken with soju is also very nice combination. There's still a alot food like kimchi fried rice, pancake. For me the best memory of food that I can recall is the crepe which located at Myeondong. It included nutella jam, cornflakes and others. I couldn't forget it, I will go to grab one when I visit to Korea again.

Thai Food

Sawadikap...Welcome to Thailand. Tomyam, mango sticky rice...Tomyam of course you can order at any one restaurant at Thailand, this is their main dish. But, some restaurant their tomyam soup is just so so. So, have to find the one which is highly recommended one. And also have to try out their Thai Milk Tea. And one more food which selling by a motor at roadside which is roti pisang. It similar to roti pisang but that one is more crispy. You can order other as well, with nutella sauce, egg .


Our goal is
to try out the best food around the world

Food is one of the important one in everyone's life. Of course, delicious food cannot be missed. We will try our best to share all the best food at each country, so that you guys can enjoy the best food.